English Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk - Set 12

Directions: Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (e) as the answer.

Q 1-A student was arrested for displaying an indecently artwork in public.
   (a) an indecent                                            (b) indecently
   (c) the indecently                                         (d) any of indecent
   (e) No correction required

Q 2-He did not like me to smoking in the presence of our teacher yesterday.
   (a) that I smoke                                          (b) my smoking
   (c) me smoking                                           (d) smoking by me
   (e) No correction required

Q 3-The government has granted permission to prosecute the public servant.
   (a) granted permission to prosecution      (b) sanction to prosecuting
   (c) sanctioned permission to prosecute    (d) grant permission to prosecute
   (e) No correction required

Q 4-The scenery around the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh is quite picturesque and enjoyed.
   (a) quite picturesque and enjoyable    (b) quite picturesque and enjoyed
   (c) quitely picturesque and enjoyed    (d) quitely picturesque and enjoyable            
   (e) No correction required

Q 5-These awards are the only regional awards to recognize marketing campaigns that show real results.
    (a) in recognition to market                (b) for recognizing the marketeer
    (c) in the recognition of markets         (d) to recognizing the markets
    (e) No correction required

Q 6-Within three years, he demonstrated a dramatic improved business performance.
     (a) the dramatic improved                   (b) the dramatically improved
     (c) a dramatically improved                 (d) a dramatic improvement
     (e) No correction required

Q 7-He is bound to get disappointment, if he is not selected.
      (a) binding to get disappointment            (b) bound to get disappointed
      (c) bound to be disappointment               (d) binding to get disappointed
      (e) No correction required.

Q 8-If in case you want to resign within one month, you will have to pay Rs 10,000.
       (a) If the case                                            (b) If the case of
       (c) If at all in case                                      (d) In case
       (d) No correction required

Q 9-He was visibly upset when he heard the sad news of his debacle in the election.
          (a) of his debacle of                                (b) of his being debacled in
          (c) with his debacle in                             (d) stating he debacled for
          (e) No correction required

Q 10-Had he been presented there, he would have put an end to the happenings.
          (a) If he had been presented                   (b) If he had been present
          (c) Had he present                                   (d) If he had present

          (e) No correction required


1.(a) Adjective should be used to qualify a noun(art).

2.(b) After ‘like’ a gerund (V ing) should come and before gerund pronoun should be in possessive form.


4.(a) The adjective of ‘enjoy’ is required.


6.(c) Determiner + Adverb + Adjective + Noun. Here ‘a’ is   proper.

7.(b) “Bound to” means sure ;get +V 3

8.(d) If=In case.


10.(b) Past conditional sentence (If +S+had+V3,S+ would have +V3)

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