English for Bank PO, SSC and Bank Clerk - Set 13

Direction: Against each of key word are given some suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the key word.

1. Histrionic
        a) hypersensitive
        b) overdramatic
        c) historically important
        d) inactive
2. Fiasco
       a) festival
       b) failure
       c) ridiculous plan
       d) misfortune
3. Amoral
       a) loving
       b) immoral
       c) uninvolved
       d) highly ethical
4. Virile
       a) athletic
       b) pompous
       c) manly
       d) boastful
5. Ameliorate
      a) to appease
      b) to make excuses
      c) to humiliate
      d) to improve
6. Consumption
      a) act of devouring
      b) act of forgiveness
      c) failure
      d) ultimate completion

7. Duplicity
        a) innocence
        b) cleverness
        c) double-dealing
        d) repetition
8. Homage
       a) excessive humility
       b) show respect and reverence
       c) poverty                                                           
       d) insincere flattery
9. Licentious
        a) generous
        b) gay
        c) hungry                                                                                          
        d) immoral
10. Ostentatious
        a) wealthy
       b) talkative
       c) showy                                                            
       d) noisy


1. (b)                                                                        2. (b)                                      
3. (c)                                                                        4. (c)
5. (d)                                                                        6. (d)
7. (c)                                                                        8. (b)           
9. (d)                                                                        10. (c)

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