Question Paper of Bank Clerk : Reasoning : Test 9

Question Paper of Bank Clerk: (Online Tests, bank paper, question papers, sbi ban exam papers, bank exams questions) we have been regularly providing you question papers based on previous Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exams. In this practice set important questions are given on reasoning of Bank Clerk. Go through this Reasoning question paper of Bank Clerk to improve your preparation.

1. If an amount of Rs. 198011 is distributed equally amongst 47 persons. How much amount would each person get?
            a) 4123
b) 4231
            c) 4213                                                          
d) 4132
            e) None of these

2. In an annual examination Harish scores a total of 421 marks out 675. What is his approximate % in the annual examination?
            a) 56
b) 72
            c) 92
            d) 88
            e) 62
3. Mr. Anuraag Awasthi deposits an amount of Rs.56500 to obtain a simple interest @12% p.a. for 3 years. What total amount will Mr. Anuraag get at the end of 3 years?
            a) 75680
            b) 77540
            c) 76840
            d) 73420
            e) None of these
4. A canteen requires 798 bananas for a week. Totally how many bananas will it require for the months of January, February and March 2008?         
            a) 10480
            b) 10277
            c)  10586
            d) 10374
            e) None of these

5. There are 1225 employees in an organization, out of which 40% got transferred to different places. How many such employees got transferred?
            a) 540
            b) 490
            c) 630
            d) 710
            e) None of these

6. The average of 5 consecutive odd number A, B, C, D and E is 45. What is the product of B and D?
            a) 2107
b) 2205
            c) 1935          
d) 2021
            e) None of these

7. The cost of 2 rings and 4 bangles is Rs.46854. What is the cost of 5 rings and 10 bangles?
            a) 115345
            b) 117135
            c) 116675
            d) Can not be determined
            e) None of these
  8. Find the average of the following set of scores.
          566, 455, 231, 678, 989, 342, 715
            a) 590
            b) 555
            c) 568
d) 513
            e) None of these
9. The total number of students in a school is 1224. If the no. of girls in the school is 600, then what is the respective ratio of the total number of boys to the total number of girls in the school?
            a) 26:25
            b) 21:17
            c) 18:13
            d) 5:4
            e) None of these
10. In an examination it is required to get 270 of the aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 216 marks and is declared failed by 8% marks. What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get?
            a) 825
            b) 675
            c) 750
d) Can not be determined
            e) None of these


1. (c), 2. (e),  3.  (c), 4.  (d), 5.  (b), 6.  (d), 7.  (b). 8.  (c). 9.  (a), 10. (b).

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