Bank PO English: SBI PO English : Bank PO English Previous Papers : Set 10

English is a very important section of Bank PO exam. SBI PO is going to be conducted shortly and we will suggest you to go through the various previous years papers given in this site on various sections of Bank PO Exam. Go through fill in the blanks set taken from one of the SBI PO English Papers of the previous years: 

Directions (1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers again printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate word.

It is commonly expected that as science advances, superstitions should. 1 Certainly, science brings a new 2 spirit of inquiry into a society where none existed and provides means of 3 the so-called miracles. Thus claims of ash out of nothing, idols drinking milk or petrol created from herbs and water can be 4 to rigorous test and the findings 5 with the known laws of science. 6 the greatest stumbling-block in the process is the 7 human desire to find or 8 something extraordinary that 9 one above the humdrum of daily living which is why people are 10 to accept routine scientific explanations of unexpected events.

1.   a) abandon 
      b) recede  
      c) depreciate
      d) revive 
      e) dissolve

2.   a) critical 
      b) burning  
      c) powerful
      d) volcanic  
      e) inflammatory

3.   a) directing
      b) disturbing
      c) diffusing
      d) debunking
      e) diluting

4.   a) visualized
      b) attached
      c) subjected
      d) explained
      e) observed

5.   a) exhibited
      b) projected
      c) criticized
      d) cleared
      e) explained

6.   a) Yet
      b) Nevertheless
      c) Although
      d) Instead
      e) Despite

7.   a) critical
      b) wanted
      c) sober
      d) innate
      e) cultivated

8.   a) activate
      b) verify
      c) witness
      d) express
      e) propagate

9.   a) lifts
      b) replaces
      c) revitalizes
      d) sharpens
      e) enlightens

10.  a) curious
       b) unworthy
       c) inquisitive
       d) eager
       e) reluctant


1.  (b)   2. (a) ` 3. (d)   4. (c)   5. (e)
6.  (a)   7. (d)   8. (c)   9. (a)       10. (e)

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