High Level Reasoning Questions for SBI PO : Test 8

High Level Reasoning Questions for SBI PO: Reasoning is one of the very important section of bank exams. In SBI PO questions on high level reasoning are being asked. You can explore our website for lots of tests on reasoning for SBI PO. In this test we are providing you questions on reasoning taken from previous papers of SBI PO. These questions on high level reasoning for SBI PO will surely help you.

Directions (1-15):- In the following, choose the missing word in place of sign (?) on the basis of the relationship between the words given on the left/right hand side of the signs.

1. Cobbler: Leather :: Tailor: ?
a) Cloth b) Shirt
c) Draper d) Yarn
e) Thread

2. Contamination: Food: : Infection: ?
a) Germs b) Disease
c) Body d) Microbes
e) Medicines

3. Hygrometer: Humidity:: Sphygmomanometer: ?
a) Pressure b) Blood pressure
c) Precipitation d) Heart Beat
e) Intensity

4. Aluminum: Bauxite:: Iron: ?
a) Pyrite b) Magnesite
c) Pyrdusite d) Haematite
e) Lignite

5. Truthfulness: Liar: : Loyality: ?
a) Worker b) Traitor
c) Diligent d) Faithful
e) None of these

6. Ladies: Purse:: Gents: ?
a) Bag b) Pocket
c) Wallet d) Case
e) Leather

7. Sikkim: Gangtok: : Manipur: ?
a) Dispur b) Cherrapunji
c) Shillong d) Imphal
e) Assam

8. Tanning: Leather: : Pyrotechnics: ?
a) Wool b) Fireworks
c) Machinery d) Bombs
e) None of these

9. Pig: Farrow: : Dog: ?
a) Mare b) Puppy
c) Bitch d) Colt
e) Bark

10. USA: Congress: : Iran: ?
a) Althing b) Storing
c) Majlis d) Cortes
e) Diet

11. Funk: Vitamins: : Curie: ?
a) Uranium b) Radium
c) Radioactivity d) Photography
e) None of these

12. Calendar: Dates: : Dictionary: ?
a) Vocabulary b) Language
c) Words d) Book
e) None of these

13. Visitor: Invitation: : Witness: ?
a) Subpoena b) Permission
c) Assent d) Document
e) None of these

14. Anemia: Blood:: Anarchy: ?
a) Disorder b) Monarchy
c) Government d) Lawlessness
e) None of these

15. Mash: Horse:: Mast: ?
a) Cow b) Monkey
c) Lion d) Pig
e) Beer


1  (a). Former represents the person who deals with the goods/articles as represented by the latter words.
2. (c). Foods gets affected by the contamination in the same way, Body is affected by the infection.
3. (b). Former is the device to measure the latter.
4. (d). Latter represents the ore of former.
5. (b). Former cannot be expected from the latter.
6. (c). Latter represents the articles used by the former to keep the money.
7. (d). Capitals and states.
8. (b). Former is the processing done by the latter.
9. (b). Latter represents the baby of the former.
10. (c). Latter is the parliament of the country represents by the former.
11. (b). Former is the discoverer of the latter.
12. (c). Former contains the latter.
13. (a). Visitor requires invitation to appear and witness requires subpoena to appear.
14. (c). Former exists due to deficiency of the latter one.
15. (d). Former is the food for latter.

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