Computer Questions for Bank Exams - Test 7

Questions on Computer Awareness have become very important in bank exams. We are providing you lots of questions on computers. These computer questions have been taken from the previous year’s bank exams and are very selected and important questions. Go through the entire website for thousand of such computer questions on bank exams for better preparation and practice.

1. The first generation of computers was based upon?
a) Transistors
b) ICs
c) Valves
d) Conductor
2. All processing of computers is done in
a) Monitor
b) CPU
c) Keyboard
d) RAM
3. Who is known as father of computers?
a) Herman Hollerith
b) Grace Hoppers
c) Newton
d) Charles Babbage
4. RAM stands for?
a) Random Allowed Memory
b) Ready Access Memory
c) Random Access Memory
d) Random Added Memory
5. In “MICR” “C” stands for?
a) Colour
b) Code
c) Character
d) Coding

Answers: 1. c, 2. b, 3. d, 4. c, 5. c

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