Banking Awareness Questions and Answers : IBPS, SBI, Bank Exams : Test 6

Banking Awareness Questions and Answers: For IBPS, SBI and other Bank Exams:  

1. RBI generally reviews the Monetary policy for every?
        a) three months                                                 
        b) six months
        c) nine months                                                   
        d) ten months
        e) None of these
2. The rate at which the RBI lends short-term money to the banks
        a) PLR                                                               
        b) CRR
        c) Repo Rate
        d) Reserve Repo Rate
        e) None of the above                                        
3. The reserve Bank of India (RBI) was nationalized on
        a)  1 Jan, 1949
        b) 1 July, 1955
        c) 19 July, 1969
        d) 15 April, 1980
        e) None of these
4. Which of the following acts govern the RBI functions?
        a) RBI Act, 1934.
        b) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
        c) Companies Act, 1956                                 
        d) Foreign Act Regulation Act, 1973
        e) Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
5. The RBI is not expected to perform the function of?
        a) the bankers o the government                    
        b) accepting deposits from Commercial Banks
        c) accepting deposits from general public    
        d) issuer of currency
        e) None of these
6. Headquarter of Reserve Bank of India is in?
        a) New Delhi                                                       
       b) Mumbai
       c) Kolkata
       d) Chennai
       e) Hyderabad
7. The first Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 1 Aug 1935 to 30 June, 1937 was
        a) Sir Osborne Smith
        b) Sir James Taylor
        c) C.D. Deshmukh
        d) Sir Benegal Rama Rao
        e) K.G. Ambegaonkar
8. 22nd and Current Governor of Reserve Bank of India
        a) Manmohan Singh                                         
        b) C. Rangarajan
        c) Bimal Jalan                                                   
        d) Y.V. Reddy
        e) D. Subbarao
9. Which of the following rate is not decided by RBI?
        a) Bank rate
        b) Repo rate
        c) Reserve repo rate
        d) Prime lending rate
        e) Cash reserve Ratio

10.  The Reserve Bank of India was set up on the recommendations of the?
       a) Narasimham Committee
       b) Hilton-young Commission
       c) Mahalanobis Committee                             
       d) Fazal Ali Commission
       e) None of these
11. Which of the following formulates, implements and monitors the monetary policy?
        a) Ministry of Finance                                       
        b) RBI
        c) SBI
        d) ICICI
        e) None of these
12. Which of the following is the central banking institution of India?
        a) SBI                                                                 
        b) Ministry of Finance
        c) RBI
        d) Finance Commission of India
        e) None of these
13. The Reserve Bank of India had divested its stake in State Bank of India to?
        a) IDBI Bank
        b) LIC
        c) ICICI
        d) Government of India
        e) None of these

14. At present the RBI holds one percent of shareholding in
        a) SBI
        b) National Housing Bank
        c) State Bank of Hyderabad
        d) NABARD
        e) None of these
15. The number of regional offices of RBI is?
        a) 20
        b) 21
        c) 22                                                                   
        d) 23
        e) None of these

 1. (a), 2. (c), 3. (a), 4. (a), 5. (c), 6. (b), 7. (a), 8. (e), 9. (d), 10. (b),                                                              11. (b), 12. (c), 13. (d),  14. (d), 15. (c)

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