Online Study Material Bank Exam : Reasoning Set : 7

Online Study Material Bank Exam: Attempt this Online Practice sets based on previous year reasoning questions. This is another important series for upcoming bank exams:

Directions:- In the following, choose the pair / group of words that shows the same relationship as given at the top of very pair/group.
1    Dearth: Surplus
      a) Simple: Complicated                                           b) True: unbelievable
      c) Touch: Repulsion                                                  d) Dream: Fantasy
      e) None of these.

2.   Disobedience: Punishment
      a) Teenager: Dynamic                                              b) Prayer: Salvation
      c) Bravery: Appreciation                                          d) Patience: Listening
      e) None of these

3.   Publicity: Sale
      a) Canvassing: Votes                                               b) Wound: Blood
      c) Traffic: Accident                                                    d) Money: Wages
      e) None of these

4.   Comets: Meteors
      a) Books: Knowledge                                               b) Hawk: Crow
      c) Stars: Fortune                                                       d) Reptiles: Crawl
      e) None of these

5.   Music: Notes
      a) Dance: Music                                                        b) Mathematics: Numbers
      c) Language: Communication                                 d) Nations: UN
      e) None of these

6.   Colour: Eyes
      a) Vision: Spectacles                                               b) Print: Newspaper
      c) Medicine: Ailment                                                 d) Fragrance: Nose
      e) None of these

7.   Launcher: Missiles
      a) Gun: Revolver                                                        b) Boat: Anchor
      c) Catapult: Stone                                                     d) Engine: Train
      e)Television: Stabilizer

8.   Scholarship: Brilliance
      a) Punishment: Indiscipline                                      b) Race: Prize   
      c) Salary: Employee                                                 d) Car: Driver
      e) College: Student

9.   College: Student
      a) Man: Home                                                            b) Greece: Rome
      c) State: Country                                                       d) Jail: Criminal
      e) Salary: Employee

10.  Ring: Engagement
      a) Handshake: Treaty                                               b) Kick: Beat
      c) Anger: Insult                                                           d) Bangle: Wrist
      e) Prize: School

11.   Hair: Shampoo
      a) Face: Powder                                                       b) Button: Shirt
      c) Detergent: Soap                                                   d) Teeth: Toothpaste
      e) Cloth: Tailor

12.   Suggestion: Order
      a) Advice: Suggest                                                   b) Smile: Laugh
      c) Plan: Implement                                                    d) Anger: Shout
      e) Office: Executive

13.  Interview: Service
        a) Travel: Bus                                                           b) Examination: Degree
        c) Ticker: Travel                                                       d) Light: Darkness
        e) Tution: Fees

14.  Grief: Tears
        a) Tension: Blood Pressure                                   b) Laugh: Teeth
        c) Pain: Aspirin                                                        d) Injury: First Aid
        e) Plan: Executive

15.  Minute: Hour
        a) Drop: Ocean                                                        b) People: Crowd
        c) Cup: Tea set                                                        d) Paisa: Rupee
        e) School: Student

1.  (a). Words are opposite to each other.
2.  (b). The latter is the result of former.
3.  (a). Publicity is done for sale in the same way canvassing is done for votes.
4.  (b). Both the words belong to the same category.
5.  (b). Music contains notes and mathematics contains numbers.
6.  (d). Colour can be seen with the help of eyes and fragrance can be sensed with the help of nose.
7.  (c). Missiles are ejected through launcher likewise, stone is ejected through catapult.
8.  (a). Scholarship is the result of brilliance similarly; punishment is the result of indiscipline.
9.  (d). College is the place for student and jail is the place for criminal.
10. (a). Ring is the symbol of engagement as handshake is the symbol of treaty.
11. (d). Shampoo is used to wash hair likewise, toothpaste is used to brush the teeth.
12. (b). Suggestion is the light form of order and smile is the light form of laugh.
13. (b). Interview is conducted to provide service and examination is conducted to provide degree.
14. (a). Presence of the former gives rise to the presence of the latter.
15. (c). Former is one is one of the subsets of the latter. 

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