Previous Questions of Bank PO : English : Test 7

Directions: In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Technology 1 lives. But 2 if people want it to. This qualification is important, and 3 to understanding progress. Akio Morita, the founder of Sony, used to make inventions not by writing code but by making minute, detailed studies of 4 people lived their lives. It is observable that when he relinquished direct involment in product development at the company in the 1980’s, Sony seemed to lose its 5 of developing a truly radical invention like the walkman that the world takes to enmasse.

However much it seems that machines are in 6 they are not. Yet the belief that technology alone holds the key to 7 the way people work buy, and do business is strong. The rise of dotcoms in the late 1990’s was 8 by a belief that technology was changing the rules of marketing and employee relationships. This is not to say there have been no changes in new economy; but that they 9 to appear where technology makes it 10 for people to communicate with each other, or have been unrelated to the technology. The dynamic is still a human one.

1.(a) ruins                                  (b) changes
   (c) makes                                (d) explains
   (e) shakes

2.(a) not                                     (b) occasionally
   (c) seldom                               (d) only
   (e) never

3.(a) key                                     (b) primarily
   (c) encouraging                       (d) supported
   (e) disastrous

4.(a) why                                     (b) where
   (c) when                                   (d) whether
   (e) how

5.(a) share                                   (b) profit
   (c) knack                                   (d) business
   (e) plant

6.(a) progress                                (b) control
   (c) action                                     (d) operation
   (e) transition

7.(a) encroaching                           (b) accomplishing
   (c) determining                            (d) highlighting
   (e) informing

8.(a) govern                                    (b) successful
   (c) underlying                              (d) disputed
   (e) accompanied

9.(a) tend                                          (b) cease
   (c) fail                                            (d) refuse
   (e) avoid

10.(a) essential                                 (b) laborious
   (c) tough                                        (d) easier
   (e) awkward

1.(b)       2.(d)       3.(a)        4.(e)       5.(c)         6.(b)          7.(c)          8.(e)       9.(a)       10.(d)

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