Study Material for IBPS Bank PO : Analytical Reasoning : Test 4

1.’X’ started walking straight towards South. He walked a distance of 5m and then took a left turn and walked a distance of 3m.Then he took a right turn and walked a distance of 5m again. ’X’ is facing which direction, now?

(a) North-East                       (b) South                    (c) North
(d) South-West                     (e) None of these.

2. Krishna started from a point ‘A’ towards South and traveled 5 km. Then he turned right and traveled 2 Km. Then he turned right and traveled 5 km. Then he turned left and traveled 5 km. How far is he from the point ‘A’?

(a) 5 km                         (b) 7 km                 (c) 15 km            
(d) 17km                           (e) None of these

3. A person walks 1 mile to West, turns left and walks 1 mile and turns left and walks 1 mile, and again turns left and walks 1 mile. What is the direction he is facing now?

(a) North                           (b) South                    (c) East
(d) West                            (e) None of these.

4. I was facing East from where I turned to my left and walked 12 ft., then I turned towards right and walked 6 ft., After that I walked 6 ft in South direction and at last I walked 6 ft in the West. Then, in which direction I am standing from the original point?

(a) West                            (b) East                   (c) South
(d) North                           (e) East-West.

5. Amit starts from a point A and walks 5 m towards North-East direction and reaches point B .From here he travels 8 m in East direction and reaches point C. From C he travels towards South-West direction and reaches point D after   traveling a distance equal to AB. At last, he turns towards West direction and reaches point A. How much distance has been covered by Amit and which geometrical figure has been formed by path traveled by him?

(a) 26m, square                 (b) 26m, parallelogram                (c) 26m, trapezium
(d) 16m, parallelogram      (e) None of these.

6. Vinod starts from his house and travels 4 km in East direction, after that he turns towards left and moves 4 km. Finally, he turns towards left and moves 4 km. At what distance and in which direction he finally stands from his original point?

(a) North, 4 km                (b) North-East, 4 km                 (c) South, 12 km
(d) West, 4 km                   (e) None of these.

7. A man travels 2 m toward North, then he turns towards East and travels 3 m. Finally, he travels 6 m in south direction. How far is he from his starting point?

(a) 11 m                        (b) 9 m               (c) 5 m
(d) 3 m                          (e) None of these.

8. A and B starts from a point in opposite directions. A travels 3 km and B also travels 3 km. Then, A turns towards right and travels 4 km and B turns towards right and travels 4 km. What is the distance between A and B?

(a) 8 km                      (b) 10 km             (c) 12 km
(d) 14 km                    (e) None of these

9. An object is projected from South-East direction to North-West direction with a certain force.  Air exerts an equal force from South-West direction to North-East direction. What will be the new direction of the object?

(a) Towards South-East                         (b) Towards North-East
(c) Towards East                                    (d) Towards South-West     
(e) None of these.

10. Pankaj travels 10 m in North direction; he turns right and travels 20 m. Again he turns towards right and travels 25 m, then he turns towards left and travels 15 m, in which direction and how far is Pankaj from his original position?

(a) 35 m, East                        (b) 10 m, West               (c) 25 m, East
(d) 5 m, West                         (e) None of these


1.(b)               2.(b)         3.(a)           4.(d)         5.(b)         6.(a)             7.(c)         
8.(b)               9.(b)        10.(a)

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