Most Common Question of Bank Exams Interview : How to answer

IBPS Probationary Officer Interview is on cards and its the right time to prepare for the interview. In our series of preparation for the interview, today we will discuss the most important question which is generally asked in Bank Exams Interviews and other interviews. Most common question which is frequently asked in interviews is “Tell me something about yourself”, since this is a very common question hence we will tell you how you should answer this question. You should start with your personal details like your name and the place where you belong, than you should give a brief about your family, mainly about your parents. You should continue with your answer telling about your qualifications mainly about graduation and professional qualification. If you have worked earlier with any other organization, you should also tell the board about that. You should keep your answer to a maximum of 2-3 minutes.  
You should try to cover four topics: early years, education, family, and recent career experience. Since normally this question is among the opening questions of the interview hence if you can start well than you will not only gain the confidence but also create a good opening impression on the board. You may ask us how to answer other questions which are coming to your mind by posting your questions below.

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